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meet kristy

Mum of 3 girls and certified sleep consultant

I know all too well how debilitating sleep deprivation is and how much joy it can rob from your parenting journey. We want to help you embrace that parenting journey and not feel stressed or anxious about your little ones sleep. 

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  • 0-3 Months

    Our newborn guide “Nurturing sleep

    in the fourth trimester” is an online

    course designed to educate, nurture

    and support parents.

  • 4-12 months

    establish healthy sleep habits, achieve better naps or overnight sleep and gain a better understanding of their babies sleep.

  • 12-24 months

    identify what is stopping your beautiful baby sleeping through the night, get them back into their own bed or simply to correct their day naps.

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  • let us help you get a good night’s sleep

  • Sleep is a human necessity, not a luxury and you CAN get it just as you deserve.

    Sometimes it just takes a little bit of tweaking to what you’re currently doing for everything to fall into place. We can help you get that sleep.

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  • Within a weeks time our 12 month old went from multiple wakes and feeds during the night and sleeping in our bed, to being able to self settle and resettle and sleeping in his own bed the whole night. We finally all are getting the sleep we sooo needed.

    - Michette

  • We've been using the 4-12 month program with my 4.5 month old and after just a week I am already seeing such a huge improvement in my boys sleep. And mine! What a difference a good night sleep does for the household. Thank you so much Kristy, your program has been a saviour!

    - Elyce

  • I wanted the best chance of having a smooth transition through the dreaded “4 month regression”. I followed the guide and the routine (and changed it slightly to suit each day) and my now 6 month old is a fantastic sleeper. He self settles, has dream day sleeps and sleeps all night.

    - Aimee

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