1:1 Consult vs Sleep Program

We know the question has been on your mind whether you invest in our 1:1 sleep consultations where you can speak with one of our sleep consultants or whether to select a sleep program with instant download access suited to your childs age. I know because it is one of our most commonly asked questions.

I am not sure whether to purchase a sleep guide or a tailored sleep consultation?

When you are deep in the trenches of sleep deprivation sometimes you might feel the emotions of really needing that 1:1 support. You have googled every bit of advice and recommendations, implemented them and decided nope - I can't do this alone. It is true that if those are the feelings you are having that I advise to first take a big deep breath mama because you are not alone and your child is not broken. I promise! It does sound like our 1:1 sleep consultant approach could be a better fit for you. This is a completely tailored service that will connect you with one of our sleep consultants who will be able to assess your situation and advise based on what you need. The one hour package allows you to:
  • Have an in-depth discussion about your current issues and concerns
  • Problem solve with our sleep consultant who will advise on methods to implement
  • Advice on what steps to take next
  • Tips to put in place immediately.

The Sleep Programs

The Sleep Programs created at The Sleep Teacher have the additional benefit of immediate access. The programs were created to be implemented around the needs of specific age groups. It is something you permanently have on hand like a guide-book to sleep you can refer back to over and over again. The guides are extremely resourceful with many additional benefits on top of it. The information in it is only what you actually NEED to know. It is the same checklist process implemented in a consult before we move into discussing routine and settling which you have the option to choose based on the method that aligns with you. The Sleep Programs Benefits:
  • Instant download
  • Lifetime access to refer back to ongoingly
  • Multiple settling methods on offer
  • Age appropriate routines
  • Access to our private support group which has our sleep consultants active Monday-Friday to answer any questions
  • Ability to add on 30 minute consult at checkout (recommended for co-sleeping parents looking to change circumstance)

For anyone out there needing help with their little one’s sleep, I can’t recommend Kristy enough, she has changed our life! Her programs are extremely thorough and clear and her approach is straightforward and gentle. She is a book of wisdom & knowledge and is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Thank you Kristy! ❤️

The sleep teacher has a team of sleep consultants that are here to help. We want to ensure that there are no sleep deprived mums who feel alone. Whether a tailored approach or one on one approach is for you; you need to do what is best for you right now and begin by reaching out.
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