Baby wearing

Baby wearing

At The Sleep Teacher, we are not just about putting your baby down to sleep. In fact, we promote a whole range of ways to have your baby getting the sleep they need. One way to assist with this is by practicing baby wearing!

The History

The baby wearing practice stems back centuries. Baby wearing/carrying was used in places like Egypt, China, and Indigenous communities around the world where caregivers used different materials to secure their infants to their body. It is believed that in cultures where baby wearing is still common practice, babies cry less and terms like ‘colic’ don’t even exist. Of course it is much harder for us in our Western Society to have our babies on us around the clock as we don’t have the ‘village’ to help raise our children. 

We can however still use baby wearing in our daily lives.

Baby wearing is beneficial for a great variety of reasons.

  • It creates a sense of security and attachment

  • It allows you to carry out your daily activities

  • It helps our little ones co-regulate in times of dysregulation

  • It helps us manage daily life with multiple children

  • It allows bubs to be in a more upright position, promoting digestion and alleviating reflux or colic symptoms

  • It stimulates oxytocin release

  • It aids in reducing the stress around ‘witching hour’ & helps our young babies through this time

  • It can protect from overstimulation in a busy environment

And the list goes on…….

How can it aid in sleep?

In this busy world, it’s not always possible to put our babies down for sleep and sometimes we just don’t want to!

Carriers are a fantastic way to get a nap in when we don’t have the opportunity to put bubs down or when our little ones need some assisted naps.Throughout the 4th trimester (the first 3 months after birth), keeping our babies close and letting them sense our movements and heartbeat, is a gentle, wonderful way to help them adjust to this busy world and encourage peaceful sleep.

At what age can we use baby carriers?

They can be used from newborn to toddler age (and this can mean older toddlers too. You just need the right carrier)

Best types of baby carriers

  • Stretchy wraps

  • Ring slings

  • Buckle carriers

Before baby wearing, always ensure you are aware of the safety precautions and that you are using your carrier properly. Wearing your baby should not be painful for you. If it is, you may need some assistance with how to wear your carrier.  

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