Best Kid Friendly Caravan Parks In Australia

Best Kid Friendly Caravan Parks In Australia

Throughout January 2022 - June 2022 as a family of 5, we decided we'd embark on the family caravanning adventure of a lifetime. This adventure wasn't just as simple as stopping all of our other life requirements of schooling children and working full-time but we had to navigate both learning home schooling, working on the road whilst trying to enjoy this adventure. 

First things first, did we really enjoy travelling with our kids around Australia in the caravan and shaking life up for 6 months? Absolutely yes. It changed our whole perspective of life and has given us new found passion and drive for the moments ahead, but a sense of grounding for all that exists in our present moments too. I do highly recommend it for families considering it, to just go and do it! 

The best thing that will help to make the trip even better for everyone, is planning and where you choose to park up! For us, it was important to have incredible facilities that gave us a sense of 'holiday feelings' as much as possible between the longer drives so I've saved our top 7 kid friendly caravan parks and reviewed them below!

  1. Cairns Coconut Resort 
    Located in the heart of Cairns, The Big4 Parks are well-known as is but this was a top favourite stay not only for location but facilities! It's tropical, peaceful but very accessible and this means it will be easy to explore other components to the beautiful North Queensland whilst leaving your caravan safely in the park. 

  2. Darlington Holiday Park
    This holiday park is extremely family friendly based in Coffs Harbour NSW, it actually has a kids club do I need to say anymore? It does have so many other fun facilities but it's truly a kids and parents haven a like and trust me, I'd only recommend places you are equally going to enjoy too if you know what I mean!

  3. Big 4 Whitsundays Airlie Beach
    I know we travel Australia with our family to explore it, but the Big 4 Whitsundays is one place I could stay all day. The facilities are beyond incredible for kids and well, if they are happy I am happy! It's got a huge water play area and was 100% impressive because parents get a holiday too! Plus it's central to everything, you can easily spend a good few weeks here because warning you might enjoy staying at the holiday park too much you forget to leave!

  4. Big 4 West Beach
    I sometimes can't believe we got to park up at these places and Big 4 clearly know what they are doing because this holiday park in South Australia was equally a top favourite amongst our family as we travelled Australia. It had direct beach access too, which was incredible.

  5. Alkoomi Farm Stay
    Located half way between Cairns and Queensland, Alkoomi Farm Stay is a must for a family travelling by Caravan. We got to switch off and unwind plus show our children new experiences with the traditional day in the life of a farmer. They mean what they say when you stay here - collect moments, not things. You'll experience horse riding, animal feeding, motor bike riding, kayaking, wagon riding, bush walking. It's all about facilities but from a different outlook! 

  6. Sandstone Point Resort
    This place is definitely known for what it provides - family fun! A dreamy holiday resort as a more newer establishment they definitely have impressive kid friendly facilities including a pool they won't leave for hours! You will also love the access to a more premium balance staying here with the close by Sandstone Point Hotel making breakfast, lunch and dinner rather a treat! 

  7. North Star Holiday Resort
    Did I say adults only retreat? Okay, so this Caravan Park is totally kid friendly I promise, located in the beautiful Tweed Coast (a must of QLD/Northern NSW officially). It is iconic for parents and fun filled for kids! You will be busy enjoying this one! 


If you've loved my recommendations, and you do stay make sure you share with me here! I love reading that other families decided to take the adventure of the lifetime whether short trips or long! If you want to read more about our time on the road as a family of 5 you can read here. 


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Enjoy your travels!

Kristy x
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