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Your Child Needs The Right Mattress

Did you know that your child needs a good mattress for optimal sleep. As Humans we spend half our day awake and the other half asleep. Sleep is the foundation in which allows us to function everyday at optimal capacity and the right mattress helps us to do this happily. Your child needs the right mattress for them.

In order to achieve a good nights sleep it is important that the foundations are set for babies, children and adults and this means you need the right mattress to help ensure that sleep phases from light and deep transition comfortably. Just as I explained in how to help your cat napping baby blog we all have sleep cycles and for a baby that is 40-45 minutes and older kids/adults is 90-120 minutes. If we are not comfortable this will result in waking between sleep cycles trying to find comfort and for a lot of children the cause of this could be the one thing you haven’t even thought about – the mattress.

Top 5 Environmental Factors for a goodnight sleep consist of:

  1. A comfortable Mattress
  2. Pillow to suit your liking
  3. A dark room
  4. Whether appropriate bedding or (sleeping bag for a child)
  5. White noise for our little ones and adults if you struggle to get into a relaxed deep phase of sleep

That is correct I listed a comfortable mattress as priority number one for a good nights sleep for a child because choosing a mattress for your child should not be based around price or the first one you spotted. It needs to be a huge decision that you consider for the long term as your child needs the right mattress.

I am all for a sale item and going for the most affordable option but considering a mattress spends usually around 10 years with its occupant a cheap one will not be the answer to a good night sleep. If you don’t achieve 10 years out of a mattress then you have purchased the wrong one and note to not make the same mistake in future.

How to choose the right mattress for yourself and your kids:

  • Choose a mattress with at least a 10 year warranty
  • Choose one that is hypo-allergenic (my kids are asthmatic so this is always a big one for me)
  • Try before you buy for comfort – I love memory foam.

Aside from your child’s mattress if a new mattress is needed for you too and you like a different structure from your partner in a mattress, don’t just settle for what one another want, choose a dual support. This allows you to both get the structure you desire, and then everyone is getting the sleep they deserve.

Consider a mattress as a really long term investment on your health and wellbeing.

These were all factors I took into consideration when purchasing new mattresses for our own home. I researched and tested them out. I am a sleep consultant after all and even though I specialise in babies and kids it gives me the confidence to prioritise getting optimal sleep as an adult too. We chose the balance medium mattress from SleepX.
This suited my family and was exactly what I was after. It was a mattress that I was completely impressed with and the girls loved their new beds and comfortable mattress to achieve a deep phase of sleep consistently.

I would like to assure you that this post is not a paid promotion for the mattress company in which I am mentioning and instead a recommendation based on helping you choose a well-researched comfortable mattress.

SleepX is where we found our mattresses for the family and they also offer a 120 day free trial.This means if you don’t like it the mattress you are able to return it for a refund in full – but stop a second! I repeat – stop and read about our blog on when to transition from cot to big bed before you begin mattress shopping for your child here.

Kristy x

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