How to adjust your baby when daylight savings is ending

How to adjust your baby when daylight savings is ending

Nothing like daylight savings to come along and mess things up! 😏


Don’t worry, we have got you covered! 


When the clocks go backwards an hour, it can leave our little ones (and us) feeling a little out of whack, similar to the feeling of jetlag. This can also lead to an overtired bub and exhausted parents.

Our 6 day plan can help gradually prepare your little one for the upcoming changes. 


Now, don't feel this is the ONLY way you can approach daylight savings ending, some parents will like to be proactive and try to prepare their little ones in the lead up, but others will be fine with just taking it as it comes. 


If you prefer to just adjust on the day, then worst case scenario is you may find your little one wakes slightly earlier for a few days. If this is the case, then just ensure you stick to their awake windows and don’t allow them to become overtired. If they are under 6 months you could also use a bridging nap (short 10 min nap) to help them push out their day. 


In our experience though, it does only take a few days to adjust, try to remain super consistent with routine and slowly shift it here and there if needed, don’t go pushing it out an entire hour as you will only end up with an overtired bub.


For those who would like to try and be proactive, here is our plan: 


We want to start to prepare by slowly shifting your bubs naps/feeds/bedtimes by 10mins each day, over 6 days. You can also do 15mins over 4 days if your bub will tolerate bigger awake windows.


The below plan is based off a 7am wake, obviously not every child will wake at this time, so try to base it off whatever time your little one wakes and shift everything 10mins later. For example, if they normally feed at 10am, try to push it back to 10.10am


Tuesday: 7.10am


Wednesday: 7.20am


Thursday: 7.30am


Friday: 7.40am


Saturday: 7.50am


Sunday: 7am (old 8am)


By slowly shifting their naps, feeds and bedtimes, you are helping to reset their internal body clocks. The elements that help to set our body clocks (circadian rhythm) are food, light and social interactions.
Remember, you do NOT have to take this approach, its ok to adjust on the day. 
The worst case scenario you may find yourself in, is that your baby may earlier than normal for a few days until their little bodies adjust. BUT, if you remain consistent and adapt their day to reflect the new time change, they will get back to their usual wake up time fairly quickly.
Ill be keeping you all in my thoughts!!!
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