Mastering the Sleep Transfer

Mastering the Sleep Transfer

We’ve all been here before – your baby has finally fallen your arms. Now you're left hanging and asking yourself, do we transfer or don’t we?

It can be a risky decision that can ultimately go well with a successful transfer, or terribly wrong with a little one who wakes crankier than before as they realise you tried to separate yourself from them!

But, there are motivations to embrace the transfer at all costs! Here's a few:

  1. You will be handsfree to complete tasks (think of how much you'll get done!)
  2. Your little one is only going to get better at knowing the transfer by doing it!
  3. You will feel more confident the more you do it too!
  4. They won’t have to depend on you each time
  5. You and your little one will be okay if it doesn’t work the first time, then be okay with trying again!

Here’s how to master the arms to bed transfer, The Sleep Teacher Style:

  • Firstly, wait until they've been asleep for 10-20 minutes in your arms to ensure they're in a deep sleep
  • Next, always transfer feet first as this is less likely to wake them and and activate their startle reflex
  • Lastly, roll them onto their side to settle them in the cot and once they settle, carefully roll them onto their back.
Watch Kristy from the Sleep Teacher demonstrate this approach in a video here.
It’s a process, but it’s the process that makes the outcome so much sweeter.
Remember, it’s important to be following the age-appropriate sleep guide and awake times for your little one, it’ll make mastering this tool much easier. I’ve got a package that provides you with routines from 6 weeks old through to three years. Check it out here!
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