Motherhood Q&A with Brittany Noonan

Motherhood Q&A with Brittany Noonan

This week we're chatting all things mum life with the lovely Brittany Noonan. Britt is a beautiful mum of three who uses her platform to have real motherhood chats with her community and we're lucky enough to have her on the blog talking about her own motherhood journey, the transition from two to three kids, flexibility as a mum and so much more! Check it out below:

Congratulations on having such a beautiful family! It’s been wonderful to watch you grow your family online and equally amazing seeing so many life changes so we just have to ask – did you always want three little ones? Or how many kids did you truthfully feel you’d have?

Honestly, I didn’t really ever see myself as the maternal type. Motherhood scared me and I was such an anxious and self-conscious young woman I wasn’t sure how I would handle it. After we had Millie I knew I wanted to give her a sibling and then after I had Remi I just knew there was one more little soul out there for us, and now here we are with 3 beautiful children. So, no I didn’t see myself with 3.

It’s the sure-fire most asked question so now we have to give it a permanent spot but going from two to three – how hard was it really?

For me personally it’s been the “easiest” transition. Going from 0-1 I found completely life altering and struggled a lot with my self-identity and confidence as a mother. When going from 1-2 I found I was already doing the mum thing so it wasn’t as life altering, I just had to figure out how to divide my attention to meet more than one little person’s needs, and now 2-3, he has just slotted in to our crazy, chaotic life. In saying that I have never been busier, from the moment I wake up (if I've even slept) until the time my head hits the pillow there is always something that I need to do for my family but I have also never felt happier or more content in my role as a mother. Vance is such a sweet little boy, always happy so that helps too I think.

Little boys adore their mamas don’t they? But how are you finding this changes your approach to parenting and motherhood? Are you more flexible?

When I first became a mum I was super highly strung and over the top about everything as a parent. I felt like I had to follow all the “rules” and be the perfect mother to be a good one, but once I had Remi (my second daughter) I realised every baby is different and every mother is too and that it was actually ok just to follow your own intuition as a mother and also that there is no such thing as the perfect parent. Since then I try my best to just follow my own heart, instincts and also my baby’s lead rather than a set of “rules” I made up in my head. This has made me a much more flexible mother and honestly I have to be, we have a very busy, chaotic life so we need to be more flexible in our approach as parents.

What’s been the biggest game change this time around now being more ‘experienced’ in raising children?

Listening to my own intuition has been the biggest game changer for me. Also knowing that EVERYTHING is a phase and it will pass. Finally knowing just how fast the time goes with a baby has made me stop wishing the days away (even the hard ones) because we will never get these days with our babies back. Before you know it they’re at school, you can barely lift them and all we have left are the memories of their sweet sleepy cuddles of a contact nap and their groggy little milk drunk faces as they feed to sleep.

Did you try to set up good habits from an early age?

I honestly believe the only habits that are “bad” are the ones that are no longer working for you and your baby. I’m probably not the best to ask that as I really just go with the flow in the early days but having Vance take the dummy this time has been a gamechanger for us all as it means he has something that soothes him without soley depending on me and the breast to fall asleep.

When did you feel it was time to start incorporating assistance from The Sleep Teacher and how does this look for you?

Around the 4 month mark Kristy and I had a phone call to discuss some things I could incorporate or change to give Van the chance to get more sleep. Before that I also really enjoyed the advice in her newborn guide, it was gentle and supported my own intuitive parenting style. But right now I think I'll be contacting Kristy again to get some support once more as Vance gets older and a few things change again. I love that Kristy has so many different programs for all ages.

What are Brittany Noonan’s plans for the future? Anything you can share? 😉

Honestly this first year of Vance’s life I just wanted to get through and give him a lot of my attention and time given he will be my last baby. This year has thrown a lot of curve balls at us so its been more chaotic than I imagined in my head. I do have some projects and new business ventures I'm working on so you’ll have to stay tuned to see what they are, but everything I'm doing is in the hope to be able to slow down a bit and be with my children more as they grow while supporting my online community and continuing to share the reality of motherhood. All I want is to connect with my community of mums and let them know they’re not alone in the good and bad days.

Spill the Goss – what is your favourite age to raise so far?

Newborns, gimme all the sleepy newborns. I just love everything about them. For me there’s nothing like the fourth trimester getting to know the new little human you have just created. Also loving seeing Millie learning and growing at school, its so cool to see your child learn skills like reading!

Any advice you’d give to a first time mum looking to hold onto sleep and adapt to raising a newborn?

TRUST YOURSELF! Everything you need to know to be the best mother for your baby you already do. Hold them close, they need you close a lot in the early days (and so do you), feed them often and don’t let anyone tell you you’re doing it “wrong”. When it comes to sleep if you need help because your bub is unsettled – ask Kristy she is the expert. I would also 1000% recommend educating yourself as much as possible about breastfeeding while pregnant and hiring a lactation consultant to support you if breastfeeding is important to you. Breastfeeding is “natural” but it doesn’t always come naturally but can also impact your motherhood journey either positively or negatively in the first few months depending on how it goes. I wish I knew what I know now when breastfeeding for the first time.
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