Sleep Safely with Cubo Ai

Sleep Safely with Cubo Ai

Sleeping well as a parent means knowing your baby is sleeping safely.

A mother’s love is often described as a love like no other, it’s no wonder, we created and carried this precious life around for 9 months. Our babies are literally a part of us.

When we are pregnant, we have that maternal instinct, we feel them moving and kicking and we become familiar with this, to the point that it is reassuring, almost like it’s there way of letting us know they are ok. Fast forward 9 months and we are no longer feeling those reassuring kicks, so we want to keep our eyes on them every minute of every day. Our role is to protect them and keep our sweet babe safe.

As a parent in this day and age, I have seen first hand how we can get scrutinised for often being “helicopter parents” or “too overcautious” when it comes to our little ones’ sleep. I think the reason for this is not only that maternal instinct, but also because we are so educated in regards to baby sleep safety that it does naturally make us a little more cautious when our little ones sleep. Whereas 30-40 years ago, sleep safety was not something we were educated on.

In 1994 the back to sleep campaign was introduced by red nose to help reduce the risk of SIDS. This really rang home to parents the importance of sleep safety and while it did help to educate parents of the potential sleep hazards that our little ones can encounter (belly sleeping, air way obstruction etc), it did also help to make us more aware of these dangers, so therefore we do worry about them. This awareness has led to Mums and Dads all over the world wanting to take every step they can to keep their precious bundle sleeping safely.

But how do we possibly keep our eyes open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and ensure our baby sleeps safely when we still have meals to cook, clothes to wash and not to mention, we need to sleep too! Well, that’s the thing we physically cannot keep our eyes open day in day out, but there are amazing baby products on the market that can do this for us. They don’t just act as an extra set of eyes, but they also ensure your baby sleeps safely.

We are so blessed to live in a time where technology is next level. The amount of baby products I come in contact with increases on the daily, but nothing has blown me away like the Cubo Ai.

This product is something I wish I had when my 3 girls when babies. It would have removed so much anxiety for me as a new Mum, especially in those early days.

The Cubo Ai baby monitor is a stand alone product with its AI technology. It notifies you in real time if your little ones face is covered straight to your smart phone. When this was launched it was a game changer in the parenting world.

Then came along the smart sensor pad. Wow!! Hello, peace of mind! The Cubo Ai monitor and sleep sensor pad is your ultimate Sleep Safety Bundle.

This non-intrusive sleep sensor pad is seamless and takes less than a minute to install, it lays securely under your baby’s cot mattress and requires a one time only installation (because Cubo clearly understands how time poor us parents can be).

When combined with the Cubo Ai baby monitor, it allows you to monitor your little ones micro motions, not only on a coverage that is 4 times wider than what’s currently available on the market due to its 4 motion sensors in each corner of the sleep sensor pad, but also in real time via the Cubo app. You will not only be notified of any face covering safety obstructions that the Cubo Ai monitor offers, but the sleep sensor pad will also collect data based on your baby’s micro motions and notify you of any irregular motions in their condition instantly to your smartphone. The sleep sensor pad is the first health and wellness device to combine AI computer vision with micro motion technology and in my opinion, it is absolutely brilliant!

So at the end of the day as much as it can be a little “annoying” living in a day and age where our sometimes “over cautious” parenting can be scrutinised, we are also extremely lucky to be living in a day and age where we have technology like the Cubo Ai at our fingertips, It’s smart, it’s accurate and it brings peace of mind . Not only will the Cubo Ai sleep sensor pad remove that sleep time anxiety, but it also allows both Mum and Bub to sleep safely and soundly while also keeping that extra close eye on your bub, what more could we ask for?!?!

You can find out more or shop the Cubo Ai Sleep Sensor Pad here

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