The Best Tool for Monitoring Rolling

The Best Tool for Monitoring Rolling

Help! My baby has started rolling in their sleep!! Is this safe? 

Rolling is just another one of those developmental milestones that unfortunately, does impact our babies’ sleep. Just like walking, talking, standing, and crawling. But rolling doesn’t just impact our little one’s sleep, it also impacts ours as the parents, and it’s not because of the frequent wake ups caused by our bub rolling over and getting stuck, it’s because we are so scared to close our eyes incase our little one gets stuck face down. I get this, I really do, there is nothing more frightening than picking up your baby monitor and noticing your newborn sleeping face down, especially with your firstborn. Especially because we have been so heavily educated around back sleeping being the safest position for sleep. This can naturally be really nerve racking when they do start rolling. The good news is though, baby monitors have come so far and now there is a monitor on the market that will notify you when your babies face is covered. The Cubo Ai baby monitor has a range of safety features I had never seen before, that allows you to sleep peacefully knowing that the Cubo Ai will notify you in real time if your child’s safety is compromised. But at the end of the day, rolling is a completely normal developmental milestone that our babies do need to master. Once they have developed this newfound skill, there really isn’t much you can do to avoid tummy sleeping and rolling in their sleep, and while the Cubo Ai will notify you of any safety hazards to your little ones sleep it is still super important to ensure their sleep space is safe for them to do so. So, what can we do to not only give us peace of mind, but most of all, ensure our little one’s safety when they do start rolling? Well, first of all we want to ensure their sleep space is as safe as possible. To do this, I would recommend following the safe sleep guidelines at

These include:

  • Always place baby on their back to sleep
  • Keep baby’s face and head uncovered
  • Keep baby smoke free, before and after birth
  • Safe sleeping environment, night and day
    • Safe cot
    • Safe mattress
    • Safe bedding
    • Safe sleeping bag
  • Sleep baby in a safe cot in parents’ or caregiver’s room for the first 6-12 months
  • Breastfeed baby
From a safety point of view, one of the most important things we need to do when our baby starts rolling, is unswaddle. If our little one rolls onto their tummy swaddled, they will not be able to push their head and face up too well without the added support of their arms. We recommend transitioning to arms out between 4-6 months or as soon as your little one starts to roll. Their startle reflex disappears around 3 months so anytime after this, don’t let it stress you out, it should only take a few days to adjust. Another thing to consider is that if your baby is in a bassinet and they have started rolling, then it’s time to make the move to a cot, again, don’t let this transition freak you out either. Once we are sure our babies sleep space is as safe as possible, we can then look at ways to help our little ones learn how to master this newfound skill and reclaim our sleep back. As our babies grow and develop the ability to roll back to front and front to back, they will become very active and you will notice they roll around a lot in their cot. This is ok, because usually by the time our little ones have got the ability to roll both ways, they should have the head and neck strength to life their head off the mattress. It is important though at this time that we always continue to put them on their back for sleep, from there it is ok if they find their own natural sleeping position. Please do not use any devices designed to keep your baby in a particular sleep position. These can be dangerous and are not recommended. Lots of practice during tummy time and a little bit of space combined with reassurance while in their cot, will help your little one develop this new skill fairly quickly, and sleep should be restored!!! Have your baby monitor ready, as I am sure you are going to be watching your little one play roly poly for a little while. If your little one can only role one way unaided then it is important to roll them back onto their back if you notice they have rolled onto their front or side, just until they learn how to roll themselves back.

But how?!?! How can we physically stay awake watching their every move?

Well, this is where your choice of monitor is going to be super important. I've worked with many baby video monitors in my time, not only as a Mum of 3 daughters but also as a sleep consultant, but let me tell you, nothing comes close to the Cubo Ai. The Cubo Ai not only has a roll detector which means that when your baby rolls over and gets stuck, it will alert you, day and night (it has HD night vision). But it also has face recognition, so even when your baby does have the ability to roll, if their face gets covered by anything such as cot rails or comforters, it will alert you in real time. I know right?!?! The Cubo Ai is in my opinion, an absolute game changer in baby sleep safety. I know that I as a parent I would have slept a lot more soundly and gained myself a lot more sleep throughout my daughters first 2 years if I had had a Cubo Ai, it really does just give you that little bit of peace of mind. Oh and between Mum’s, another thing that I love about the Cubo Ai is that it’s not like your ordinary baby monitor that you use for a couple of years then once your baby starts sleeping well, you pack away. It also has danger zone alerts that allows you to set danger zones in your home i.e.: the kitchen, and if your baby or toddler enters this zone you get notified right away. So yes, while the initial outlay may seem a little higher than some baby monitors on the market, the longevity, not to mention safety it brings with it, really is next level and to me, knowing my baby is sleeping safely, there really is no price on that. Check out the Cubo Ai here and use my code KRISTY2021 for a discount. They also have a great Facebook community here too which is a space for parents to share their experiences and offer support. *This post is sponsored by Cubo Ai.
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