Tips for Taking your Baby in the Car

Tips for Taking your Baby in the Car

Taking your baby in the car is one of those stressful situations that all mums have tried to avoid for the longest time. Because we know that going anywhere with your baby can be a pretty stressful situation and the thought of putting your baby in their seat is enough to make you want to not leave the house, especially because so many of them hate it. I know I've been there! Now, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are going to be times when you don't have much of a choice but to strap your baby in and take them along for the ride, wherever you're going. Whether it’s the school drop/off and pickup, or a doctors checkup for the baby, you’re going to have to do it eventually. So instead of putting it off, I’m going to give you some tips on how to make taking your baby in the car a little easier.

First of all, we need to understand just why they hate it so much. Motherly suggest that many little ones find the car seat restrictive and hot, especially if they are feeling distressed prior to getting in. So, I recommend ensuring that your baby is already calm (or as calm as they can be) and comfortable before putting them into the car seat, otherwise they are likely to be quite upset the whole drive and that's going to be upsetting for you too! That leads me into my first tip for taking your baby in the car:

Check what they are wearing

Do this both for safety reasons and for their comfort. As mentioned, an uncomfortable baby is never going to be settled in their seat. For example, if they’re wearing a jacket and being strapped into the seat they're likely to feel even more distressed. So ditch the jacket, (because you can control the temperature in the car), and save it for later when you take your bub out.

Check the straps are flat and not twisted

Similarly to the previous point, twisted straps are not only going to restrict your baby and make them more uncomfortable but compromise the safety of the chair. So please ensure the straps are sitting flat to keep your little one secure and safe.

Plan the trip around their sleep time

This is a great little tip! If you can, plan the drive around their sleep or after the majority of their awake time. Even better if you can pop some white noise on in the background or pop a window shade up for them to help them drift off to sleep, and if that means you need to do a few more laps around the block, that's okay! Enjoy this quiet time while you can.

Have someone sit in the back with them

If you aren’t travelling alone with your baby, have your passenger sit in the back of the car with them. They will like the company and having someone close to them to keep them entertained, happy and most importantly, get them used to being in the car!

Give them some toys

Toys are, of course, a great way to keep your baby occupied or distracted in the car. Even something such as a mirror on the seat in front of them is great, but remember that the toys need to be age appropriate and car safe. Opt for bright coloured toys that you can attach to the car seat in front of your baby, even better if they have textures and sounds to keep them busy!

Play some sounds

Whether it be some white noise to calm the baby or just some soothing tunes to help you relax too, music or noise is a great way to make the trip a little more bearable for both you and bub!

Take some deep breaths

Most importantly mumma, take some deep breaths and try to keep calm. I know that taking your baby in the car can be such a big and stressful task, and if they're distressed, it makes you distressed! But I hope that these tips will help you and your babe make this process much easier. Remember that there may be other factors affecting the way your baby is reacting when it comes to the car, so if you're still experiencing issues, then come and chat to me via phone consultation, and if you need some extra assistance than my sleep programs will be great for you! From newborn to 4 years, there is a guide to help you and your little one no matter what age their age. Check them out here, you can thank me later!
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