3-2 Nap Transition: Your COMPLETE Guide

3-2 Nap Transition: Your COMPLETE Guide

Is bub REALLY ready to drop the third nap?


One of our most downloaded episode so far has been EVERYTHING You Need to Know About the 2-1 Nap Transition[a] but we’ve had so many of you reach out asking for HELP to navigate through the 3-2 transition 


It can be tricky knowing when and how to transition bub from the 3 - 2 naps.. But we have you covered. Join us as we talk ALL things 3rd nap including what age they will be ready, how to read the signs and the BEST ways to drop that nap. 


You’ll hear:

✨ The signs that they’re actually NOT ready yet 

✨ The one nap you NEED to focus on before dropping the 3rd nap
✨ How to make sure dropping the nap doesn’t equal early morning wakeups 
… and a whole lot more!


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Are you currently in the trenches? We got you, Mumma!


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