Dummies - The good, the bad AND THE UGLY!

Dummies - The good, the bad AND THE UGLY!

Tossing up whether you should give your baby a dummy or not? 
Have you heard about the hourly dummy runs OR are you currently doing one right now?


This week we are chatting all about dummies - the good, the bad AND the ugly. We’re sharing what our own personal experiences are with dummies and where we’ve seen this all go wrong for clients who come to us desperate for help. 


If you’ve been on the fence OR you’re wondering how to get rid of a dummy and keep your sanity this episode is for you … but before you listen PLEASE remember absolutely nothing is a problem until it’s a problem for you. Some families and babies happily use dummies and get rid of them with ease and others need a little more assistance, whichever you are we’ve got you covered! 


You’ll hear:

  • Why the dummy run gets more frequent after midnight
  • The BEST time to ditch the dummy
  • How dummies impact (and support) sleep 


… and a whole lot more!


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Are you currently in the trenches? We got you Mumma!


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