Emily’s Heartbreaking Story & Essential Safe Sleep Practices

Emily’s Heartbreaking Story & Essential Safe Sleep Practices

**TRIGGER WARNING: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome***


In those early sleep deprived days it can be so hard to keep your eyes open, and for so many of us those middle of the night feeds are one of the hardest times. 


You hear about the dangers of sleep sharing all the time, but how often are you warned against surface sharing? Or falling asleep on the armchair after a feed?


On today’s episode, I chat with Emily, an incredibly brave and strong mother who has made it her goal to spread as much awareness around sleeping with bub as possible. In June of 2023, Emily and Brian lost their precious baby, Ellie, to surface sharing when her partner fell asleep on an armchair after a feed. Emily and Brian were amazing parents to Ellie and I am so grateful for Emily coming on and sharing her story.


You’ll hear:

✨ How to safely navigate those middle of the night feeds 

 The importance of doing your research before buying any products for your baby to sleep in 

✨ Kristy shares her own surface sharing experience that changed the way she feed her little ones


… and more.


If you want to hear more about what Emily is doing to spread awareness, you can find her @elliesvoice_safesleep on Instagram and TikTok.


Please take a minute to have a read of Sharing a Sleep Surface With a Baby, as well as What is a Safe Sleeping Environment.


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