Ep6: Your Sleep Q&A | Can I Have A Routine And Still Have A Life?

Ep6: Your Sleep Q&A | Can I Have A Routine And Still Have A Life?

We do a weekly Q&A on our Instagram and get HUNDREDS of questions each week. 

But to give you the ACTUAL advice you need to master a topic can be SO hard in a 30 second video SO we’ve decided to bring these to the pod. 

Each month we’ll choose some of the most popular questions and deep dive into WHY we recommend the changes and adjustments and how to troubleshoot these if you’ve tried and it’s not working for you yet! 

In today’s episode we are breaking down FIVE questions (along with some sneaky tips on the side). We’re chatting about everything from blackout blinds to resettling techniques to over or under tiredness and MORE. 

You’ll hear:

✨5:15 - WHY do I need BLOCKOUT BLINDS and will my baby need them FOREVER?

✨11:03 - Is my baby’s SLEEP ASSOCIATION okay or should I REMOVE it? 

✨15:16 - HELP I can’t RESETTLE my baby - where do I START?

✨16:48 - If I have a ROUTINE with my baby, can I still have a life? 

✨20:56 - How to know if my baby is UNDERTIRED or OVERTIRED? 

… and a whole lot more!

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