EP4: How to manage the COT TO BED Transition

EP4: How to manage the COT TO BED Transition


Are you yet to transition from cot to bed? Or have you started and it’s not going the way you planned? 

 Even the best sleepers can have issues when we transition from the cot to a bed so this week Beck and I are unpacking the common mistakes we see people make and how you can set your little one up for success and ensure you all keep getting a good nights sleep! 

 If you’ve been wondering if you need to get a doona, how to manage the transition when you have a new sibling on the way OR you’re currently stuck laying with your little one for hours until they finally fall asleep - we’ve got you covered in this ep. 

You’ll hear:

✨The PERFECT time to transition your little one 

✨How to troubleshoot the ‘nightly visits’ to get a glass of water or say goodnight to the dog 
✨Our TOP TIPS to make the transition EASY 

… and a whole lot more!

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