EVERYTHING You Need To Know About The 2-1 Nap Transition

EVERYTHING You Need To Know About The 2-1 Nap Transition

99% of 12 month old babies dropping to one nap are WAY TOO YOUNG! We see 11 and 12 month olds dropping down to one nap and this is simply too early for most. The knock on effects are REAL!

In today’s episode, we are bringing you one of the most highly requested topics to your ears… The 2-1 nap transition. Our little one’s are going through SO MANY developmental milestones from taking steps to talking which is why it can be a tricky one.  

We’re telling you all about it today; what to expect, when the right time is and how to know if your baby is ready. 


We hope this episode makes the two to one nap transition a little easier and you are feeling more reassured when the time comes to make this decision for your bub. 


You’ll hear:

✨How to know what the RIGHT AGE is to drop to one nap

✨What are the common SIGNS to look out for
✨Exactly HOW to transition from 2-1 NAPS

… and a whole lot more!

Are you currently in the trenches? We got you Mumma! 

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