How do I Stop my Baby from Partying in the Middle of the Night

How do I Stop my Baby from Partying in the Middle of the Night

We always hear “never wake a sleeping baby” but sometimes, you just have to.


If you don’t know, split nights are when your baby has an awake period overnight for more than 2 hours, and usually after midnight. This is a super common occurrence, especially with toddlers, and could indicate a couple of things. We know how hard it can be to be cheerful in the morning when bub has robbed you of your nights sleep but the good news is, it's really easy to identify what causes them and why they’re happening!


You’ll hear:

✨ 3 of the main reasons why your baby might be awake when they’re meant to be in dream land

✨ How to use an age appropriate routine to find out what changes you can make

✨ Whether it is an overtired or untired problem

✨The importance of not over-playing your role, no matter how hard that might be!

… and a whole lot more!


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