It's NEVER Too Late To Ask For Help with Jules Coffey

It's NEVER Too Late To Ask For Help with Jules Coffey

“It was a really dark time for me and I was okay until I wasn't. When I hit rock bottom I realised afterwards that it didn't need to be like that. She didn't need to be suffering and miserable during the day from lack of sleep. I didn't need to be suffering either.”

In today’s episode we are chatting to the lovely Jules Coffey, who you may recognise from her original instagram account, @newmumstheword

Jules is a mum of three who we worked with when her first daughter Hadley was six months old and most recently with Cedar once she was 19 months. 

 We hope this episode is a reminder that it is NEVER too late to ask for help whether that is from a professional or your own village. 

There really is no hood like motherhood! 

You’ll hear:

✨How Jules navigated the external pressures from society 
✨The differences of teaching self-settling with a 6MO and a 12MO  

✨Why Jules didn’t sleep train until 19 months with Cedar 

… and a whole lot more!


You can find Jules over at @julescoffey_ and @yourmindfulmama_ and check out the Pregnancy + Birth Planner here


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