Navigating Newborns: Routines Not Working, Swaddle Battles and Day & Night Confusion

Navigating Newborns: Routines Not Working, Swaddle Battles and Day & Night Confusion

Can you even create routines for your newborn?


Happy New Year Mumma!

We have decided to start the year fresh with an episode dedicated to everything newborns. While you can look back on this time as beautifully exhausting, when you’re deep in trenches it can just feel plain exhausting. Not only is there a lot of pressure on social media about what you should be doing and both you and bub are on a constant learning curve.


To help ease the pressure, on today’s episode, we cover what to expect, what’s normal, and how to lay the foundations early on so that both you and bub can receive the best gift of all: rest.


You’ll hear:

✨ Why trying to create a routine for your newborn is a one way road to exhaustion

✨ The cues you might be missing when everything is new and exciting

✨ Whether sleeping in a dark room encourages day and night confusion or not

✨ What might be going wrong if your bub hates being swaddled

… and a whole lot more!


If you’re dealing with the pesky 4 month regression, we have a whole episode dedicated to the topic here. 


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Christmas is always a busy and expensive time! 

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Are you currently in the trenches? We got you, Mumma!


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