Q&A - Is Sleep Training Bad? & Why You Could be Making Your Dentist Cranky

Q&A - Is Sleep Training Bad? & Why You Could be Making Your Dentist Cranky

Are your loved ones pressuring you to avoid sleep training and stay sleep deprived?


We are back with our first Q&A session of 2024! Our submission box has been very busy over this holiday season, and we are SO excited to be back and tackling our listeners' sleep problems once again. These segments are where our listeners send through their sleep concerns, and Beck and I walk you through our solutions live on air. 


We have a very mixed bag this week and cover lots of different topics such as vocal and nosy family members, story times about when our bubs dropped their naps, and of course our favourite: the longer lunch time nap.


You’ll hear:

✨6:25 - The thing that boils our blood the MOST - how to approach sleep training when your friends and family are against it

✨12:28 - Which age your little one will likely drop the nap COMPLETELY

✨16:13 - Cranky toddler or cranky dentist? Why you should have chat with your dentist BEFORE your bub gets used to going to bed with the bottle 

✨17:49 - FOUR things to consider when your baby won't sleep for longer than 40 minutes at lunch

✨19:53 - Why it’s best to cut down on your morning nap EVEN if bub loves them

… and a whole lot more!


We have a great balance of Midnight Mumma recommendations this week. We’ve moved onto the 1923 (the sequel of 1883) the Taylor Swift Concerts on Netflix, and Beck is still on the Ted Lasso bandwagon! 


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