Regression or Progression

Regression or Progression

Are Regressions REALLY a thing? 

We’ve all heard about the dreaded regressions but in this episode we’re going to break down the science behind what's actually happening and what we’ve seen across the 15,000+ families we’ve worked with because sometimes despite what google might suggest … regressions aren’t what they seem! 

If you’ve got a little one approaching 4 months, 6-8 months (14:50), 12 months (21:42) or 18 months (25:22) this episode has you covered! 

You’ll hear:

✨ The BIGGEST mistake people make with regressions 

✨ Why it might NOT be a regression 

✨ The reason your baby stops sleeping all of a sudden and how to fix it!

… and a whole lot more!

And if you’re currently going through the 4 month regression you can find that episode here on Apple and Spotify 


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