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2 Week Follow Up Consult

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Our 1 hour follow up consult provides coaching over the phone/skype, where we will support you in implementing sleep techniques over a two week period. After receiving a copy of our Sleep Guide, we'll walk you through how to implement your chosen sleep training technique and explain what you need to do in order to improve your little ones' (and your) sleep. We'll discuss how to tweak routines, sleep associations and sleep environments.

Our 1 hour phone consult is perfect for those families who would like a tailored plan with some extra 1:1 support whilst they implement their changes. Our team will be there by your side for 2 weeks and we will be your biggest supporter.

- A copy of our sleep guide that is applicable for your little ones age.
- 1 hour phone consult to discuss your child’s current sleep issues.
- A plan that you feel comfortable and confident to implement.
-  Daily check ins and Follow up support via email for 2 weeks (Mon-Fri in business hours)
- 2 months access to our private Facebook support group

*Please note this service is only available for babies over the age of 4 months. Twins will require an additional $50 fee. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Anna Borovska
Best decision we made!

From the very first phone consult, the team from The Sleep Teacher made me feel heard, supported and gave me the confidence I needed to make changes to help everyone in our house have better sleep.

We had immediate changes to our 14 month olds night sleep. He went from needing to be held to sleep, waking several times overnight and at times co sleeping, to being able to self-settle, and sleep right through the night.

The two week email support was exactly what I needed to implement the recommended changes and stay consistent.

We are all sleeping much better now! Thank you ladies. Xox

Stop thinking about it and do it!

The whole team is amazing and so informative without being pushy at all. I had previously done the 2 week follow up consult when my daughter was 8months old and they assisted with dropping the dummy and sleeping through the night. I was hesitate in doing it again as i didn't think there was any hope of help as my daughter is now nearly 2 years old and has been waking at least four times a night since 18months old. I waited far too long!!! Within a week with the support and guidance of the team from the 2 week consult again I had a toddler sleeping through the night! I have never felt better and honestly wish I had done it sooner! Highly highly recommend and I will be back if we encounter any issues moving forward! Sleep is worth every cent!!!!

Vicki Walker

I was having trouble with my almost 5 mo snack feeding and cat-napping and felt like I just couldn't leave the house, plus on the back of the 4 mo regression was waking 4x night! Beck helped me to establish an age appropriate day routine and within a couple of days I had my little one having great day naps and self-settling. I found re-settling really challenging, especially in the nights, but having the support over a 2 week period to get feedback and reassurance on my little one's sleep logs really helped. We're down to 1-2 wake ups in the night which is age appropriate and much more manageable. Thanks ladies x

Brooke Wright

Wow! Where to start.
Kristy and her team are an unbelievable skilled group of ladies that certainly saved our sleep.

We were having trouble with our 8 month old little boy waking every 2 hours through the night and was having very small naps throughout the day.
We had our first phone consult with Beck which was excellent to talk about what Nash was doing ect. Beck gave us a very clear plan of what needed to be done.

We started that night and Nash had only woken twice that first night and his sleep has improved 10 fold every night since then. His day sleeps have improved a lot also, going from a 25 minute nap for his (largest midday nap) to 1.5 hours has been incredible.
We can’t thank Kristy, Beck and the girls enough!
Nash is now a different child at sleep time apart from the odd (sickness and teething times)
The whole process of this sleep program was excellent, the communication, check ins and support from the team was amazing!

Thank you so much once again!
Can’t recommend enough xx

Best sleep program by far

We engaged The Sleep Teacher as our 11-month-old baby was unable to self-settle and taking 30+ minutes each night to rock to sleep. With a 3-year-old toddler this was not a sustainable sleep routine so enter the experts.
We had tried other sleep consultants in the past who provided generic advice at best. Beck and team were able to quickly identify where we had gone off track and recommend a tailored plan to get our baby's routine back on track and importantly able to self-settle.
Within the first two days of implementing the plan we already started to see improvement, and by the end of the first week our baby was self-settling. The two-week program is a must, as it gave us the reassurance we were on the right course and could set ourselves up for future sleep transitions. The team responded to all emails very promptly and again the advises addressed our specific needs, so we were never left guessing.
If you are after a practical and effective sleep program with real time advise - look no further! This will address your baby's sleep needs and give Mum and Dad the confidence to implement. Game changer!