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Age Appropriate Routines

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Take the guess work out of your little ones day with The Sleep Teacher Age Appropriate Routines. Provided in a PDF format, this packages will help you plan daily routines for your little ones aged from 6 weeks through to 3 years.

*No additional support is supplied with this package.

Customer Reviews

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India Sorensen
Ok for the price

Ok for the price. Could add the length of time baby should nap for, as a guide only. And the part about whether the baby should be napping or feeding/awake is confusing.

Emma hood
Age appropriate Routines what a lifesaver

So affordable and informative. Second time around I couldn’t remember the timings for getting bub into a routine so I was so happy when I stumbled across the age appropriate routines from a post the sleep teacher did on their instagram page(worth a follow too by the way).

Magdalena Nowak
Life saving

The wakes are so accurate.

Stephanie Bugeja

I brought the routine guide the other night because after 8 weeks I had no sleep my son's routine was outta wack in my bed again and this was down my last idea! After sticking to the routine Age guide my son has been sleeping all night again going to bed without a fuss now I know the appropriate awake time so THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM A VERY SLEEP DEPRIVED MUMMA.

We are super thankful!!!

Recently I reached out to Kristy via email about my little 5 month old girl who'd wake up 30-60 mins after one sleep cycle at bedtime EVERY NIGHT since birth, & cry for up to an hour & a half & need to be resettled multiple times until she fell asleep. She said this was likely to do with a lack of routine. I had tried 3 different routines, had spoken to 3 different sleep consultants & at the time thought she was already on a routine! Kristy recommended I download her guides & so I did.

Now? After being on her routine for a couple of days we saw instant improvement & after one week, she was a different baby. My little girl sleeps soundly EVERY night & IF she wakes up after a sleep cycle, it's a slight cry then goes back to sleep! But it rarely happens.

We are super thankful!!! Thankyou SO much!