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Program 1: 0-3 Months – Nurturing Sleep In The Fourth Trimester

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Nurturing Your Baby’s Sleep In The Fourth Trimester
Our newborn guide “Nurturing sleep in the fourth trimester” is an online course designed to educate, nurture and support parents through the fourth trimester as they navigate a newborn, sleep questions, establish healthy sleep habits and learn to love and embrace the fourth trimester for all that it really is – slow and beautiful. You will learn everything you need to help encourage a good sleeper from day 1 and gain an understanding of all things baby sleep.

This course is a no cry approach, it is not sleep training, it is a guide to help you navigate the fourth trimester with realistic expectations. You will be encouraged to baby wear and enjoy those cuddles.

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Customer Reviews

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The newborn program has some great information in it however it didn’t teach me anything that couldn’t be found through the Instagram page. Just feeling a little disappointed in spending $110 and not getting really anything out of it. And it’s also the most expensive program available. The only real benefit was the re-settling video.

This has made me a more relaxed mama

This was not a guide to get your newborn to sleep through the night, it was a guide that helped me become more confident with my newborn in those early days. It also gave my confidence that I am doing all that I can to ensure my little girl sleeps as good as she can.


Natasha Habsuda
Great investment

Great customer service! Very helpful advice that was adaptable to each families situation.

Skye Kane

Program 1: 0-3 Months – Nurturing Sleep In The Fourth Trimester

Can't thank Kristy enough for developing this program!

The newborn program was exactly the right amount of help I needed to get through the first few months of having bub. It wasn't too overwhelming and Kristy relays plenty of information� I loved the videos included! I'm so much more focused on awake times which has really helped keep my baby happy. She settles fairly quickly once I've put her down for a sleep with hardly any fuss.