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Program 2: 4-12 Months – Infant Sleep Program

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Program one is perfect for any family who has a little one between the age of 4-12 months, and would like to either establish healthy sleep habits from early on, achieve better naps or overnight sleep, wean off an unsustainable sleep association or gain a better understanding of their babies sleep. The Sleep Teacher has compiled every bit of information they feel you need to achieve better sleep, not only for your gorgeous bub, but also for your entire household. We are taking the guess work out of it, so you no longer have to dread bedtime.

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Customer Reviews

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Such a great guide

So glad I bought this, I've started implementing little things from the guide and already seeing some improvement. I took a few days to read through it all, Screenshotted the important pages I know I'd want to read when I was trying to implement changes and I frequently go back to them.
Such a good guide for when you are just lost and need advice!

Jessica Laverty

I expected a program similar to the newborn guide and videos. This was a basic pdf with very little useful information.

Hannah Wastle

I asked for help on the fb page. From my understanding you just have to keep spending money for it to work?

Lori Whiteman
Very informative and a great reference!

Very informative and a great reference!

Amazing program

I’m so glad I bought this program! My son was 6 months old and I was about to go back to work. He was waking on average 5 times a night, bed time was 8pm and fed ato sleep, not having proper feeds during the day and barley napping during the day! After sticking strong to this program for the 21 days my son happily puts himself to sleep in his cot at 6.30, feeds properly during the day, has sufficient sleep during the day and only wakes twice at night at most.
It has made him an all round happier baby! So great full !