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Program 4: 2-4 Years – Toddler Sleep Program

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Are you sick of bedtime stalling? Or maybe even the good old bed hop? If you have a toddler and would like to improve your whole family’s sleep then program 3 is for you. Program 3 is tailored for the toddler age groups of 2-4 years. I have included tried and tested approaches that I have used with my clients with great success.

This program takes into consideration that not every toddler comprehends things as well as another. This age can be a tricky one as they are really just finding their voice in this big world and with this comes testing limits and boundaries. This can become a very confronting time as a parent, throw in some sleep deprivation and you can see things quickly take a few steps back. This program will help you identify where your little ones sleep may need a little guidance, and help you get back on track. Let us help you restore the calmness into bedtime.

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