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Sleep Guide Add-On Consult

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This consult is an added extra for those who already have our Sleep Guide but would like to also chat 1:1 with one of our consultants.

** If you do not have our sleep guide we suggest booking the 1 hour consult. 

Customer Reviews

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Kate Swanson
One consult changed our lives

I cannot thank Beck from the sleep teacher enough. I reached out after my 3rd child was born- it was over 15 months since we had a full nights sleep. To say we were overtired, overwhelmed and almost over the edge is an understatement.
I took the brave step of reaching out for help after crying to my friend, that I felt broken and my love was being unbelievably stretched thin. I didn’t hold a lot of hope that my son would ever sleep through, beck reassure me that he would and I could help teach him to love sleep. We discussed what the coming days would look like and how if I stuck to it, we all would get better sleep. I was anxious for the first night, the night fell and there were tears from my son, but he did settle and to our amazement he slept a whole 6 hours before waking! We haven’t gone for a period longer than 3 hours in 15 months. Over the next 3 days we saw improvement after improvement- and in that period he slept through for the first time ever! Of course there were wake ups over the first couple of weeks but a month on we have a child that happily self settles, waves us off and sleeps all night long! We cannot believe we are still getting so much sleep, our bodies feel alive again! We cannot thank the team enough- and highly recommend the service. Thank you!

Sleep guide

I had a consult with Shannon and she was amazing. We made a few tweaks to my 9 month old routine and I have seen big changes in such a short amount of time. This programme has been a life saver ! Would highly recommend the sleep teacher.