The Sleep Teacher's top 10 baby must haves for expectant Mum's

The Sleep Teacher's top 10 baby must haves for expectant Mum's

The list of things we "need" for a newborn baby can seem endless, so many cute outfits and accessories, where do we pull the pin?

As a Sleep Consultant and Mum of 3, I have had my fair share of experience of baby products, and let me tell you, you really don't need as much as you think you do....

Our team of Sleep Consultants have sat down and curated a list of the top 10 items we feel are essential, will help make your life easier and also ensure you get some longterm use out of them. 

So what are our top 10 must have baby products?


Check them out below (in no particular order): 

1: Swaddles or sleep sacks - Swaddling is so comforting and reassuring for little ones, especially newborns. You will find it becomes such a positive sleep association for your little one and also helps to encourage longer periods of sleep. 

2: Portable white noise machine - White noise is going to be your best friend as a parent, it not only helps to at as a buffer for the external noises that go on in our homes every day, but it also helps to mimic the sensation of the womb and encourage that lengthy sleep we all crave. - We recommend a portable one so you can take it anywhere. Our Sleep Teacher Shooshie is our fave

3: Cot and cot mattress - You are probably wondering why we haven't listed a bassinet, this is because we really don't feel there is a need for one. If you can fit a cot in your room, then by all means skip the bassinet and go straight to a cot. It will not only save you money, but also mean you don't have to make the transition from bassinet to cot. Make sure you choose a good size and quality cot that will ensure your little one can grow with it, but also ensure it meets your countries standards.  For a cot mattress, we LOVE the growbright airnest mattress as it is fully washable, which will ensure all those milk and nappy mishaps are easily taken care of. 

4: Capsule - Now, this may not seem like a big one to same people, but when we sat down as a team and discussed, we all agreed it made our parenting journey alot easier. A capsule won't give you a lifetime of use, but it does make getting out of the house with a newborn alot easier. You can achieve naps on the go and not have to wake your baby to transfer them, it really is a lifesaver in those first few months, and if you are planning on having multiple children, you will more than likely get your monies worth. 

5: Pram that reclines - Again, not essential, but very worthwhile considering!! Once your baby outgrows the capsule, or if you dont have a capsule, you more than likely at some point in time will need to try to achieve a nap on the go. Having a pram or stroller that reclines will makes achieving these naps alot easier and ensure your little one is comfy. 

6: Nappies and baby wipes (ok, I know this is technically 2 items, but they generally go hand in hand). These two go without saying and I dont think I need to explain the obvious, but if you are stuck for baby shower gifts, you can never have too many of the above. 

7: Baby carrier - Being a Mum is a full time job, and there will be times (alot of times) when your baby just does not want to be put down. Being able to have your hands free for these periods can be made alot easier with a baby carrier. 

8: Baby video monitor - Video monitors, although expensive, as so worth while and in fact, probably one of the most essential baby Must haves. There will come a time where you can't be sitting by your little ones cot while they sleep, and a video monitor will ensure you can still keep a close eye on them and have peace of mind while they sleep. The Cubo Ai is our fave as it has features that you will be able to use past the baby stage and into toddler hood. 

9: Portable block out blinds - Sleep hormones are produced far more readily in darkness and you will also find your little one has the ability to resettle after a catnap if in a dark sleep space. This is why we always stress the important of block out blinds if you can. Having portable ones means you can take them with you when you travel, which can help reduce stimulation in a strange environment. 

10: Zip up onesies - Zip up onesies are so practical with newborns and babies under 12 months. They make those overnight nappy changes alot more seamless and are super easy to wash and dry in a short amount of time. 


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