What causes a split night and how do I fix it?

What causes a split night and how do I fix it?

Is your little one waking during the night ready to party?

Not upset, just awake for a long period and you don’t understand why? (I mean seriously, but who wants to party at 2am🙃🙃?!?!).

If you are experiencing periods of wakefullness of around 1-3 hours, then this blog post is for you! 

This is what we call a split night or fragmented night sleep.

And they usually are a result of your little one’s sleep pressure being a little off.

Things that can cause a split night:

⭐️ Bedtime is too early and bub is undertired. The drive to sleep or sleep pressure isn't high enough to encourage a long chunk of consolidated sleep.

⭐️ Awake time before bedtime is too short. Similar to above, if the awake time before bed isn't long enough, your bub will end up treating bedtime like a nap and wake up ready to party not long after. 

⭐️ Too much overall day sleep for their needs. This will rob your little ones sleep tank and reduce the drive to sleep overnight. 

⭐️ Developing a new skill and using their sleep time to practice 🤭

How to shift these split nights:

⭐️ Keeping on top of your little one’s age appropriate routine (shop our routines guide here). Are they ready to drop a nap?

⭐️ Do you need to cap or trim a nap down so overall day sleep isn’t too high?

⭐️ Watch the awake time before bed, ensuring it isn’t too short and giving your little one enough time to build up enough sleep pressure.

⭐️ If they are awake try to leave them to fall back asleep on their own, when we “force” the sleep sometimes we can only exacerbate the situation
If your little one is learning a new skill, encourage lots of practice at their awake times and it should pass in a couple of days.

Are you experiencing split nights? Our sleep guides are the best place to start. Shop them here or book in a call with our amazing sleep consultants today! x x

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